Orphan Grain Train

Upcoming Events

OGT has sent many shipments! Moldova, the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, Hatti, and more!

Next projected shipment: March 2021

To donate for future projects, contact John Maddick: 641-477-8508 or Richard Hartwig: 641-708-6234.


Central Iowa Branch 23:

PO Box 120

302 Bevin Street

Clemons, IA 50051

(641) 477-8263

Check out Orphan Grain Train's International Website

Items Collected

Bedding – blankets, quilts, linens, sleeping mats

Church – Bibles, Hymnals

Clothing for male & female infants, children, teens, adults – belts, gloves, hats, scarves, shoes, light jackets & coats, winter coats, summer & winter tops & bottoms, formal wear   

Hygiene Kit:

  •  1 bath towel 
  •  1 wash cloth 
  •  1 bath-size bar of soap 
  •  1 adult-size toothbrush 
  •  1 sturdy comb 
  •  1 stick deodorant (optional) 
  • 6 Band-Aids ( ½” or ¾”) secured together

Linens should be in good condition and dark colors are recommended.
Content items must be new and can be any brand.

School Kit:

  •  Backpack
  •  2-3 spiral notebooks - any size
  •  2 or more pencils 
  • 2 or more pens
  •  pkg. of construction paper
  •  crayons
  •  ruler
  •  glue sticks 
  •  blunt scissors 
  •  washable markers
  •  protractor

School kit items must be new and can be any brand.

Layette kits include:

  • Diaper(s) 
  • Baby wipes 
  • Pacifier - new 
  • Bottle - new 
  • Sleeper 
  • Onesie (1-piece underwear) 
  • Receiving Blanket 
  • Blanket

No baby powders or lotions can be in the layette kit (due to Customs restrictions).  
Clothing & blankets can be new or gently used
Secure all items together; whether it’s rolled like a hygiene kit, placed in a zip-lock bag, or placed in a small cloth bag 

Central Iowa Branch

The newest branch of Orphan Grain Train is located in our extended community; Clemons, IA.  The Central Iowa Branch of Orphan Grain Train has be collecting clothing, quilts, and supplies for Hygiene & School Kits since Summer 2015. Located in what was Clemons Lutheran School north of State Center, the building now has a new mission. Orphan Grain Train sends food, supplies, and necessities as humanitarian aid in America and abroad. The Central Iowa Branch accepts and sorts donations of clothing, quilts, and other supplies Tuesdays from 8 am - 12 pm at the warehouse: 302 Bevin Street, Clemons, IA 50051.

For more information, you can contact our Trinity Representative Bonnie Berrey, the branch, or check out the international website.

Contact Information

Trinity Representative & Secretary: Bonnie Berrey (641) 477-8222

Branch Manager: John Maddick (641) 477-8508

Assistant Branch Manager: Richard Hartwig (515) 708-6234

Orphan Grain Train's international website: www.ogt.org