Meet Trinity’s Elders

Meet Our Team

Trinity Lutheran Church has and excellent team that uses their God given talents in support of the Gospel.  Take some time to meet Pastor, our Elders, the Church Council, and our staff.

Trinity's Elders are the spiritual leaders of the church.  They support and advise visitors, members, and Pastor.  They are available to answer questions, offer advice, hear concerns, and communicate prayer requests.  Below you will find a picture with their family, contact information, and an introduction to who our Elders are in the words of their wives.

Meet Trinity’s

Head Elder - Jon Harger

Phone: 612-805-6383


"Jon Harger grew up in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod with his father being a LCMS minister.  Jon’s father was called from Wales, Wisconsin to Mt. Vernon, Iowa, where Jon met his future wife Cheryl in Youth Group.  We married and raised three sons, Matthew, Andrew, and James.  Jon has always been very involved in the LCMS church.  Jon also enjoys fishing in Canada, boating, scuba diving, football, and being with his family." Cheryl Harger 

Phil Affeldt

Phone: 641-751-3188


Dan Billman

Phone: 641-751-7284


John Byerly

Phone: 641-751-1200


“John grew up in a family that has always been active in the church. His father was a Lutheran pastor and his mother a Director of Christian Education (DCE).  As a baby, John was baptized by Pastor Lewis, who his family lovingly called his great-uncle, in the oldest Lutheran Church in Virginia, built in 1740. John met Jill in Dallas, Texas while both were swimming.  He soon transferred his church membership to her larger church, and then became chairman of the Prosperity Committee for the church and their Lutheran School.  John loves living in a parsonage again (Trinity’s former parsonage), being near the church to help its members. He continues to embrace his hobbies of collecting political buttons, drawing cartoons, and blowing glass.  He also still enjoys working out with his swim buddies at ISU. We have 2 sons, Luke and Nate.” Jill Byerly



BYERLY, John & Jill

Jon Mustaine

Phone: 515-291-8025


"Jon is the heart of our family.  His faith is an important part of his life and he daily shares it with his kids and those he helps each day.  Prayers and encouraging thoughts are sent out often through his social media.  Towing has been a calling for him, he enjoys helping people and talking with others.  Jon can visit with anyone and loves to tell stories!  Jon can often be found at many of our kids' activities- cross country, wrestling, soccer, band, basketball, and softball.  He is their LOUDEST cheerleader!  (When that happens, the kids try to stop him with a lollipop.)  He is very excited about becoming an Elder." Denise Mustaine

Dan Wacker

Phone: 641-750-1523


“The year Dan started confirmation instruction, his congregation opened its Lutheran day school. Pastor Koepke decided to let the new principal/teacher, Mr. Schmidt, handle the 7th grade class: thus began Dan’s journey toward life-long service to the church as a Lutheran teacher and principal. During his 33 year career, Dan served churches and schools in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota. In 1983 Dan met me (Sarah) while in Milwaukee. (I also was a Lutheran teacher for six years.) We have three sons, Karl, Christian and Joel, all three of whom Dan was blessed to be their teacher for at least one year. Christian has followed in Mom and Dad’s footsteps, also teaching in Lutheran schools.  In addition to his teaching in elementary schools, Dan has led adult Bible classes and taught confirmation to public school students. He is honored to have been chosen to serve the members of Trinity as an elder.” Sarah Wacker



Daniel & Sara and  Joel Wacker