Meet Our Team

Trinity Lutheran Church has an excellent team that uses their God given talents in support of the Gospel.  Take some time to meet our Pastor, our Elders, the Church Council, and our staff.

Meet our Pastor

Rev. Robert Ricard

"I lived and grew up in Rhode Island for 18 years, until I moved to sunny Florida in 2009. Both of my parents work in retail, and I am the oldest of five siblings. I met my wonderful wife Jenna, during my first year of seminary while working at my field work congregation at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Avilla, IN. My wife has a degree in culinary and baking from Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne, IN; but Jenna desires to return back to school and become a school teacher. We were married on June 10, 2017, and went on vicarage to Trinity Lutheran Church in Hampton, IA. After we returned from our amazing time in Hampton, we moved back to Fort Wayne. IN for my final year of seminary.

As for our personal interests, we absolutely love dinosaurs, Star Wars, Marvel Comics and movies, and yard work; in fact, we hope to start our own flower and vegetable garden as soon as we can! Not only that, but we love animals and have two cats of our own. Our older cat Buddy is the biggest and most loveable coward that you’ll ever meet (well, you probably won’t be able to meet him because it took him nearly 6 months for him to warm up to me). Our younger cat Cooper is the strangest cat that I’ve ever met. He acts like a dog and even knows how to sit by command. He’s also quite the little troublemaker; he picks on Buddy and tries to literally eat anything and everything. He has stolen and eaten hot dogs, Oreos, a porkchop straight out of the frying pan, onions and droplets of glue (which he quickly regretted), and etc. Unlike Buddy, you’ll probably be able to meet him in person, he’s very friendly (especially if you have food).

A final thing I’ll share with you is my past as a Roman Catholic. As a Roman Catholic, I feared God and I was unsure of my salvation because of my many sins. No matter what I did to make up for my sins, I could never find any peace or comfort because the good that I did was always tainted with sin and always left me with doubt. But on one lifechanging weekend, I went with my grandparents to Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in Smithfield, RI. And from then on, my conscience, which was once burdened with fear and guilt, was finally comforted by the pure preaching of the Gospel. It was at this church that I learned that God was not a mean and terrible judge, but our Great Redeemer, who did everything that was needed to save us from our sins. And after a few years of attending Our Redeemer, and after much, much prayerful consideration, I wanted to become a pastor so that I could preach the Word and help others in the same way that my pastor once helped me. I desire nothing more than to preach and proclaim Christ crucified to troubled and misguided souls; so that they too, may finally receive the true comfort and peace which only comes to us through Word and Sacrament."

For I, the Lord your God,

hold your right hand;

it is I who say to you, ‘Fear not,

I am the one who helps you.’”

-Isaiah 41:13


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