COVID-19 Worship update July 1, 2020

Here’s What We Are Doing For Communion:
-4 Communicants or 1 family at a time will be ushered forward by the elders.
-Pastor will use hand sanitizer with each table that comes up. He will gently place the wafer into your folded hands (without touching your hands).
-The elders will place a communion cup on the altar rail for you to pick up and receive. The altar rail will be sanitized after each communing table.
-If you are a communing member, who doesn’t feel comfortable receiving the Lord’s Supper yet, remember you do not have to come up to receive it. If you would like it privately, please make an appointment with Pastor.
-If you are a communing member, who would like communion to be brought to you, please notify an elder and we will commune you using a styrofoam plate.
-These conditions are not ideal, and we pray that things will start to return back to normal soon. But things are getting better! This is a good and great thing that we can once again celebrate communion together publicly! Let us rejoice together in the celebration of our Lord’s victory in His Holy Supper!
For more information, see our COVID-19 page